About Us

Since 2008, we are passioned, obssed and focused on bringing inteligent and quality of RLD supplying & solutions for comparator drugs and clinical trails.

More Than Just a Supplier

With our team specialists, we work incessantly to provide fast solutions, helping our clients to achieve thier goals and solve daily challanges.
The essentials must be done with excellence and know-how.
And that is what we do best!

Supply Chain

  • RLD Global Sourcing & Supply
  • Integrated work with manufactures & CROs
  • Storage & Supply Management
  • Rigorous Inventory & Batch Control
  • Specialized Global Transportation
  • High Qualified Professionals
  • Import & Export Services
  • Fast ans Efficient Supplying & Solutions

A Full Service Solution for your Clinical Trail!

Comparator Drug & Clinical Trail Drug Sourcing, Packaging & Distribution Services Include:

  • RLD Global Sourcing & Supply
  • Procurement
  • Storage: 15-25°, 2-8°, -20°
  • Global Distribution & Depot Services
  • Supply Management & Optimization
  • Import & Export Management
  • IRS Clearance
  • Regulatory Authorities Approval
  • The Right Documentation Required by IRS & Regulatory Agencies

We manage the whole picture!

Comparator Drug & Clinical Trail Drug Source Benefits:

  • Access to all drug classes, including specialties and navigating their drug sourcing challanges
  • Ability to source comparator drugs in more than 50 countries
  • Long-standing established relationships
  • Exclusive partnership agreements
  • Flexibility & the relationships to develop contingency plans if there is ever a supply issue
  • Cost & timing savings

We access and understand your supply needs quickly!

Reliable Relations

Long-time expertise, global access & reliable solutions - THIS IS AMHO!

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[email protected]

+55 19 3775-5000

Av. José Rocha Bomfim, 214 - 114
Jardim Santa Genebra- Campinas São Paulo -Brazil - 13080-658

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AMHO understands that trials are Complex and over 15 years we’ve built a suite of sourcing and supply services to address this reality. And we have the flexibility to create solutions for your trial’s needs and challenges. Let us be your Strategic Partner!

Contact us

+55 19 3775-5000
Av. José Rocha Bomfim, 214 - 114
Jardim Santa Genebra- Campinas
São Paulo -Brazil - 13080-658

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